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Information on Dog and Cat Boarding
  • All of our guests need to be up to date on vaccinations.  Please bring proof of vaccinations with you or you can fax them to us at 423-588-4060. Vaccines for Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies & Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Cats: FVRCP, Rabies, & Leukemia. Vaccines need to be given at least 2 weeks before boarding with us
  • Security- Owners live on property, Monitored Security System
  • The cattery is a sperate room away from our canine guest.
  • Each feline guest gets playtime to lounge in the window seats, climb on the tower or play with the other toys.
  • Individual accomodations with indoor and outdoor runs for canine guest.
  • Central heat and air
  • Soothing music 
  • Every canine guest gets to play in the outside yard 2 times a day.  We don't have group play so each guest gets its own individual time with one of our friendly staff.
  • We suggest that you bring your pets own food, because it is better on their digestive system to not switch their diet. If we supply food we charge $1 more per night 
  • Medications given at no extra charge.  We ask before your arrival to please have it written on how the medications are to be given.
  • You can bring items from home that will make your pet more comfortable, including beds, blankets, treats, and toys.  We ask that the bedding or blankets not to be too big--something that is easy to throw in the washing machine. Please label everything with a permanent marker so we can do our best to make sure that all of your pets belongings return home with them.
  • Each guest gets a observation form to help us monitor their health while they are staying with us. We monitor their food intake, water, meds, waste and if they experience any anxiety.
  • Each day the accomodations are cleaned, and the bedding is changed daily or as needed. We make sure that each guest has plenty of fresh water.
  • We recommend you call ahead to ensure accomodations are available. 
  • Each guest will recieve a free bath before they go home if they stay with us 7 nights or longer.  
  • All of our guest's belongings are washed and cleaned before they go home. 
  • Our guests get one more potty break at bedtime with a goodnight treat before we tuck them in for the night.